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Teenagers in Park

Our Community

Centralia, as its name suggests, is in the center of the Pacific Northwest’s most populous region, lying exactly halfway between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. This gives it some unique characteristics which have been an integral part of the city’s development.

The greater Lewis County area is home to rivers, lakes, wild spaces, and outdoor adventure opportunities. The area plays host to several arts organizations and festivals, as well as the largest regional fair in Southwest Washington. Lewis County as a whole is a friendly place, with folks more likely to help than not, and an attitude that what is conceivable is achievable.

Fan Cheering

Outreach Events

With over 18,000 people and counting, Centralia is a town that is full of life and growth. The coalition is currently working on hosting more events within the community. We have had some events in the past and our partner's in the community have proven to be very proactive in hosting!

Community Garden


There are many key partners located within our community as well as online that are also focused on the success and well-being of our youth. We are working on expanding our collaboration efforts as the coalition continues to grow and develop in the community.

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