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About Us

Centralia Prevention Coalition is a volunteer community group working to address the conditions that lead to youth substance use.

Colleagues Working Together

A few individuals with one goal in mind.

The Centralia Prevention Coalition first began in December of 2018 in response to high rates of teen drug use in our community. The coalition has been moving at a fast pace ever since. This is entirely due to the strong partners in the community and the unity of purpose on the coalition.

Helping today's youth
Have a better chance at tomorrow

So far, the biggest challenges we face are community education and organization. Coalition work is relatively new to Centralia, as is prevention science. Simply explaining the process to each new participant can be difficult, and the necessary training is time consuming. This leads to an organizational structure which is more top-down than collaborative, but that is improving.


Thankfully the coalition members are resourceful, thoughtful, and have a passion for service to others, which is sustaining us through this early time of transition and development.

Students on Staircase
Happy Teenager

What we do
And how we do it

1. Build capacity for community change: We increase our ability to make change through our coalition and community trainings.

2. Increase community connections among Centralia students: We are connecting students through community-based mentoring and Life Skills classes at Centralia Middle School.

3. Reduce the availability of drugs: Our policy work, drug take back days, and prescription drug awareness campaigns help to decrease access.

4. Reduce favorable attitudes towards underage drug use: School-based programs like Project SUCCESS and the Middle School Prevention Club help youth make healthier choices.

5. Increase family supports: We work to help parents and children build stronger relationships through community classes, like Strengthening Families and Guiding Good Choices.

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